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Group Tours - bicycling tours

Tours are customized to your groups specific needs. We have found for most groups the sweet spot for enjoyment for the bike portion of the tour is an hour and a half. We don’t leave anyone behind and there is plenty of history, rumor, and hearsay to share along the way so that no one feels rushed.

Our off road tours take place in the pristine Hither Hills Park. The park is three thousand acres of wilderness in the hamlet of Montauk.  We supply approximately one guide per ten adventure seekers. All our bikes are high quality mountain bikes, from front suspension hard tails disk brakes, to duel suspension mountain bikes with disk brakes. We bring along plenty of powerbars, and water in complementary water bottles to remember your adventure.  We coordinate ground transportation to and from with the host hotel, all logistics with the catering co., and for peach partys we supply blankets, towels, volleyball nets, frisbees, beach fire materials, etc.

A sample of what you may see as we access the best of what Hither Wood’s has to offer. Hither Woods is hard pack non technical rambles through dense oak and mountain laurel of Rod’s Valley and Redmond’s Path. At the Fort Pond Bay Overlook you can see the spectacular views of Culloden Point and Fort Pond Bay where the Amistad came ashore in 1839. Moving on to the Coastal Trail, a narrow single track path which traverses Block Island Sound, you can immerse your feet into the warm waters of Lawson’s beach and view the impressive vista through “The Keyhole” , a masterpiece notch carved out by the last ice age. The Stephen Talkhouse Path, a narrow single-track trail which meanders in a rollercoaster fashion for about four miles along the north shore of Hither Woods. It passes the Indian House ruins believed to be the dwelling of Stephen Talkhouse before culminating at the Nominicks Overlook, a vantage point with views of Napeague Harbor and Gardiners Island.

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