Montauk Bike Shop
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Staff & Alumni

Chris Briand

Status: Active

Nickname: Cheese

Email Address:

Bio: Store Manager:  Produced, fermented, and aged in Montauk . He enjoys playing video games, playing poker, snowboarding, graffiti, biking to the lighthouse once a year and hanging out with people who hate him. When not grooming his yearlong beard he can be found manically obsessing about the quality of the adjustments on a customer's bike.

  • UBI Professional Mechanic and Shop Operator.
  • Ate the entire list of flavors from the Snowball stand.
  • Placed 11th in a 24 hour video game tournament with over 250,000 players.
Favorite Quote: "You're good bro."
Lenny Giannantoni

Status: Alumni

Nickname: Garlic Knot aka Big Ravioli

Email Address:

Bio: Asistant Store Manager: Born and raised in Montauk. Lenny has been living here for 25 years. Skateboarding and soccer were his passions but thanks to the old guy with the ponytail he has jumped with both feet into the world of triathlon. When not chomping on some form a garlic he is headding up Sales and inventory management. 

  • 2007 Carl Hart Duathlon - 1st Place in AG
  • 2009 Montauk Turkey Trot 5k - 13th out of 368 
  • 2010 Montauk Turkey Trot 5k - 27th out of 459 
  • 2012 Trislip Super Sprint Tri - 1st in T2 
  • 2013 Trislip Super Sprint Tri - 2nd in AG/1st in T1 
  • 2013 Mighty North Fork Sprint Tri - 2nd in AG 
  • 2013 Mighty Man Sprint Tri - 1st in AG/1st in T1 
  • 2013 Montauk Turkey Trot 5k - 39th out of 443

Favorite Quote: "H'yah!"

Pierce Hodges

Status: Alumni

Nickname: Lost sometime between 1991 and 1992. He is still searching.

Email Address:

Bio: Born 1985 in Harrisonburg VA, A 2008 Graduate from James Madison University, I spend 6 months of the year in Montauk working at the shop and racing in Triathlons. The other 6 months are spent on Mt. Hood in Oregon producing videos for Meadows Ski Resort. When I am not working/racing, I am surfing with friends or working on various video productions for clients. My website is

  • 2008 Red Bull First Person (I piloted an Alpha Fighter Jet)
  • 2011 Trislip Triathlon overall Champion 
  • 1st place in several Triathlons in the age group category.
  • Competed in nearly 40 Triathlons.

Favorite Quote: "It's astounding how much pleasure is found in pain when it hurts more to stop than it does to drive on."
PHONE: 631-668-8975