Hiking Tours

Montauk Hiking Tours are a great way to enjoy Montauk's spectacular natural beauty

Tours are customized to your groups specific needs. Our hiking tours last from one and a half to two hours and involve the most striking vistas on the east end.  Like our bike tours, we don’t leave anyone behind and there is plenty of history, rumor, and hearsay to share along the way so that no one feels rushed.

Hiking tours take place in the Camp Hero and Montauk Point State Park.  We coordinate ground transportation to and from the host hotel or bus company and supply powerbars and complimentary water and water bottles.

As a sample of what you will see as we hike: we start on the “Point Woods Trial” in Camp Hero and traverse through stands of twisted mountain laurel, holly, and shad. There are many wooden bridge stream crossings, with the errant glacial erratic fields passing a massive former 16” gun placement. Next we walk past the 35 radar tower (one of two ever built, the biggest of 1950’s technology). We hike onward by another of the massive 16” gun placements and into the “Battery 113” trail with many more winding trails and wooden bridges culminating on the cliffs, overlooking the historic Montauk Lighthouse, the Atlantic Ocean, and Block Island. We finish the hike as we descend into Turtles Cove at the base of the lighthouse. Time permitting we can walk around the base of the lighthouse on boulders placed to prevent erosion.  This ends our hike at which point we meet with ground transportation and ride back to civilization.

Optional Light House tour adds an hour depending of group size. Additional cost apon request. 

Hike Per Head
1-10 11-20 21-40
$ 59.00 $ 49.00 $ 45.00
Lighthouse add-on per
$25.00 $25.00 $25.00

Food packages can last from thirty minutes to two hours depending on your needs, a short post ride feed or a four course meal with chef and linins. This all of course served on pristine beaches.

A very popular package is our post ride “Dip your Chip in Beer”. Beer from the The Montauk Brewing Co a local Brewery with Naturally Good Food and Café dips like guacamole, hummus, and cucumber cashew dip with chips and pita bits. Very affordable quick and light.

Wine and cheese packages are available with some amazing choices from our many East End and North Fork wineries.
We have sample menus for a picnic style lunch around a beach with fire options available on request.

Fully catered events from clam bakes, to sushi, to filet mignon are regular occurrences on tours of all sizes. We have a number of world class companies that we work with. Let us know what you are thinking and we will get the perfect team to match price and level of delivery.

Menus are custom tailored to your needs. 

Team Building/Beach Party packages are also available and usually add an hour to the event. They can include Volleyball, Frisbee, Kadima, Horse shoe, and swimming events (weather permitting). You can select one to three events and our able bodied party aficionados will instigate the ensuing chaos and fairly or unfairly determine your champions! Our awards have become board room fixtures for many fortune 500 companies. Usually a rock or piece of drift wood we etch silly accolades upon and present to the victors as memorabilia.

Our guides are chosen for their knowledge of our colorful local and historical lore, which Montauk abounds. They are well versed in the conspiracy theorys (The Montauk Project), and the historical significance of the Camp Hero 773 Airforce instalation.

We coordinate ground transportation to and from with the host hotel or bus company, all logistics with the catering co., blankets, towels, volleyball nets, frisbees, beach fire materials, etc.

The goal of our tours is your enjoyment of our natural surroundings with helpful support. We are very sensitive to the group’s abilities and gage the groups accordingly.

Specific time schedules are tailor fitted to your group’s specific needs. Forty is the maximum number that we can safely guide.

(1/2) total required min 14 days prior to the event
Balance is due the day before the event.

Cancellations Bike/Hike portion:
6 days out, 90% total
After 6 days out, 50% total
Within 48 hours no cancelations

Cancellation for food:
According to the vendor's policies.

Adjustments Bike/Hike portion:
Maximum headcount at the time of deposit
Final head count 48 hours from event maximum 10% reduction

Adjustments food portion:
According to vendor's policies

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